Walking on a Balance Beam

As a kid, did you ever find a fallen tree such as this one and walk across it like a balance beam? Well if you haven’t than let me tell you that it is exhilarating. You feel as if you had climbed the highest mountain or you explored the deepest depths of the sea. Basically it felt like you could do anything you wanted. For me this tree represents how life is sometimes a balance beam. It feels like sometimes the world wants you to teeter and cause you to fall, but that one misstep, that one fall can sometimes be devastating. You feel like it is impossible to look at yourself in the mirror and just getting out of the bed in the morning is a chore, but amazingly when you fall you can get back up again.

Recently my misstep is quarantine because I no longer feel productive. I feel like I lost a part of my life that I’ll never get back. My senior year was supposed to be the greatest. It was my last chance for homecoming, football games, and prom. The last year before all of my friends and I separate and head off to college. This summer was supposed to be filled with late night concerts, summer jobs, and worrying about college applications, but it feels like now all my energy is focused on getting out of quarantine to get back to my life. However, that idea is totally out of my control because all I can do is stay at home and help somewhat flatten the curve. Despite this my new goal is to get back on life’s balance beam. Get back on a path that makes me happy and allows to me to live my life no matter how much the world will be changed by COVID-19. I believe that one day, hopefully soon, that I will be able leave my house for more than 15 minutes at a time. I will be able to hang out with my friends, and not have to wear a mask in public. My dream, however, is only possible if we all unite against the virus, if we all wear masks, and if we all respect each other. I believe and hope that my fall is only temporary and that each day I am crawling my way back up life’s balance beam and will one day walk on it again.


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